Project Description

The Water Supply, Desalination and Transmission Project will be held in South of Iran by Hirbodan Company in 2020, recommended by Kerman Development Organization (KDO) in the form of EPCC contract.

Scope of Services

  • Intake: 900,000 m3/day
  • Desalination Plant: 242,000 m3/day
  • Pipeline: 447 km with 1400mm diameter and 16mm thickness
  • Pump station: 16 Pump Stations
  • Right of Way: 112 km
  • SCADA Control and Telecommunication System

Project Nature

Considering the capacity and capabilities of Hormozgan and Kerman and their vast need to the water for drinking, and for infrastructures such as industry, services, tourism and the environment, provision and transmission of water to this area has been planned to be implemented.

Project Sections

The main sections of the project is as below:

  • Sea Water Intake:
    • Intake capacity: 8.4 m3/sec
    • Location: Oman Sea in Hormozgan Province
  • Water Desalination Plant:
    • Pre-treatment Capacity: 7.4 m3/sec
    • Desalination Methods: Reverse Osmosis with Energy Recovery Devices
    • Product Capacity: 2.8 m3/sec
    • Location: Ziarat Region, Hormozgan Province
  • Industrial salt production plant: The commercial salts are recovered from concentrated sea water before disposal to sea in evaporation lands.
  • Water transfer pipeline: 447 Km coated pipeline with 1400 mm diameter from desalination plant to Kerman Province.
  • Pump stations: 16 water pump stations in transfer pipeline to supply 25 bar pressure for water through transfering route. Each pump station is equipped with six 2 MW transfer pumps.
  • Concrete Tanks
  • Power Transition
  • Right of Way

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