Project Description

The Utilities and Offsites Plant Project in Shiraz Petrochemical Complex was held in Marvdasht – Fars Province by Hirbodan Company in 2015, recommended by Shiraz Petrochemical Complex (SPC) in the form of EPCC contract.

Scope of Services

  • Water Treatment Plant including:
    • Raw Water Treatment Unit with 1,500 m3/h capacity
    • Potable & Service Water with 35 m3/h capacity
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit with 1070 m3/h product capacity and 97.2% overall recovery
    • Demin water (DM) Unit with 400 m3/h capacity
  • Wet Cooling Tower Unit with 35,000 m3/h capacity circulating water
  • Wastewater Treatment Unit including Industrial and Sanitary Wastewater Treatment
  • Air & Nitrogen Generation Plant including:
    • Plant Air Production with 1500 Nm3/h Capacity
    • Instrument Air Production with 2400 Nm3/h Capacity
    • Cryogenic Nitrogen Generation Unit (ASU) with 2800 Nm3/h GAN & 1200 lit/h LIN production capacity
  • Gas Chlorination Unit (up to 200 kg/h chlorine injection)
  • Fire Water Pump Station & Network
  • Let Down Station
  • Balance of Plant (BOP) and Interconnection

Shiraz Petrochemical Complex

As the first Iranian manufacturing petrochemical complex, Shiraz Petrochemical Complex was founded in 1959 and in 1963 its operation came into existence officially to manufacture nitrogen fertilizers. This complex is located in distance of 45.6 km from Shiraz and in neighborhood of Marvdasht, in an area of about 300,000 m2. The industrial area occupies about 72,000 m2 of the whole land.

Project Nature

Utility and offsite plant is constructed to supply all necessary utilities of Ammonia and Urea process plant, and receive and treat all effluents to environmentally standard levels before discharge.

The main utilities which are necessary for process plants are:

  • Demineralised water
  • High-pressure steam
  • Cooling water
  • Instrument air
  • Plant air
  • High-purity nitrogen
  • Fire water

Also process plant effluents which contain chemical, biological and oily contaminants are received at utility plant to be treated.

Unit Details

Water Treatment Process

In order to produce demin water for process use and also steam production, raw water is treated in three steps:

  • Raw Water Treatment Unit
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit
  • Mixed Bed Exchangers Unit

Raw water is received from Doroodzan Dam through pipeline. Then water is treated in Flash mixing, Floccu-Clarifier, Gravity sand filter and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters to meet the physical properties of feed water to RO Unit.

Raw Water Treatment Unit includes all auxiliary equipment including Backwash facilities, Backwash recovery and Chemical injection packages.

Filtered water is used as RO feed water, Backwash water and Service water.

To produce Potable water observing WHO quality standards, a branch from raw water is separated to drinking water filtration facilities.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit recovery is 97.2% which is a very efficient design in four stages to minimize reject water and raw water consumption. Part of RO unit permeate is used as cooling tower make-up water and part of it, is applied as feed water of Mixed Bed Unit after passing degasifier.

Demin water produced is mainly used in process plant. About 100 m3/h of demin water is used in power plant to produce high-pressure steam.

Cooling water system is a closed-loop system in overall plant. Warm water is received with 39°C temperature at hot water basin of cooling tower. Having been cooled down to 29°C, water is then collected in cold basin and distributed through plant by 7+2 cooling water pumps each with 5,600 m3/h rate capacity. Cycle design of concentration (COC) is 23 which causes a low blowdown rate. Make-up water is supplied from RO permeate.

In Air & Nitrogen production plant, ambient air is compressed to 10 barg and dried to below -40°C dew point. Part of dry air is used in Cryogenic Air Separation Unit. In this unit, Gaseous Nitrogen (GAN) and Liquefied Nitrogen (LIN) are produced with above 99.99% purity which are suitable for Urea and Ammonia process plants.

All project activities, including Engineering and Designing (Basic and Detail Design), Procurement (Local and Foreign), Construction, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up of plant have been completed on scheduled date by Hirbodan Experts.

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