Project Description

Project Name:

Construction of Seymareh Petrochemical Complex for producing ethoxylates and butyl glycol ethers from ethylene feed

Region/Field Description:

Darreh Shahr is one of the western cities of Iran in the foothills of Kabirkuh in the Zagros Mountains. This city is located on the south side of Seymareh river and in the southeast of Ilam province. The project land with an area of about 16 hectares is located in the industrial town located in Darrehshahr, adjacent to the east of Darrehshahr-Pol-e Dokhtar highway. The population of Darrehshahr according to the census of 1331 was about 13 thousand people.


Arian Mahtaab Gostar

Scope of Services:

1- Acquiring the requiring licenses
2- Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning

Project Nature:

The construction project of the Seymareh Petrochemical Complex is planned within the EPC contract and in a period of 4 years.

Project Goals:

Production of about 62 KTA of ethylene oxide
Production of about 55 KTA of various ethoxylates
Production of about 60 KTA of butyl glycol ethers
Production of about 6 KTA of ethylene glycol as a by-product

Project Unit(s) or Section(s):

1- Ethylene feed is provided via 8-inch branch from the western ethylene transmission pipeline with a length of about 28 km.
2- In the ethylene oxide unit, ethylene feed reacts with pure oxygen. The product of this unit is ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol, as well.
3- In downstream units, various grades of butyl glycol ether and ethoxylates will be produced.

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