Project Description

Project Name:

Construction of petrochemical complex for producing polyether polyol and propylene glycol from propane feed.

Region/Field Description:

PEISEZ with an area of about 10 thousand hectares is located in 30 km east of Asaluyeh, at the western end of Hormozgan province and the border of three provinces of Hormozgan, Bushehr and Fars. PEISEZ is first founded in 2010 with the aim of developing energy intensive industries. Among the spatial advantages of this region are: proximity to the South Pars gas site, proximity to the Persian Gulf International Airport and access to open waters and the Parsian port.


Arian Mahtaab Gostar

Scope of Services:

1- Acquiring the requiring licenses
2- Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning

Project Nature:

The construction project is planned within the EPC contract and in a period of 4 years.

Project Goals:

Production of about 155 KTA Propylene from Propane feed as an intermediate product.
Production of about 180 KTA Propylene Oxide as an intermediate product.
Production of about 190 KTA polyether polyol for domestic sale and export.
Production of about 20 KTA propylene glycol for domestic sale and export.

Project Unit(s) or Section(s):

1- PDH technology will be used for producing propylene from propane feed.
2- HPPO technology will be used to produce propylene oxide.
3- In Polyol unit, different grades of polyol will be produced, including flexible, rigid and non-foam grades.

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