Project Description

The National Gas Processing Plant Project was held in Ilam Province by Hirbodan Company in 2008, recommended by National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) in the form of PMC contract.

Scope of Services:

  • Gas Condensate Stabilization Unit
  • Gas Treatment Unit including Sulfur Removal, Gas Dehydration, Mercury Guard and Ethane Extraction units
  • NGL (C2, C3+) Fractionation facilities
  • Gaseous Ethane Cut Treatment for Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Spherical and floating roof storage tanks
  • Natural gas compression, metering and export
  • 75 MW Power Plant
  • 4 Sets of Auxiliary Boilers
  • Fire Fighting and Safety Systems
  • Residential Camps & Buildings
  • 28 km Water Supply Pipeline

Ilam Gas Treating (Processing) Plant

Ilam Gas Treating Plant is located approximately 25 km Northwest of Ilam. The total capacity of the facilities is around 360 MMSCFD (Million standard cubic feet of gas per day) of reservoir fluid.

Project Nature

The Project includes all Processing Units, Utilities, Offsites and Infrastructure necessary to produce Sales Gas, Gaseous Ethane, and C3+ (LPG) and C5+ (Stabilized Condensate) for petrochemical complex.

Project Sections

The Plant is consisted of the following Units:

  • Receiving Facilities for HP Separation of Raw Gas and condensate / water mixture.
  • Condensate Stabilization, producing Stabilized Condensate for storage and export.
  • Gas Treatment Facilities, producing Sales Gas, Gaseous Ethane and NGL which includes:
    • H2S removal (Sulfur Recovery) from Gas/ CO2 partial removal from Gas
    • Dehydration, using Molecular Sieves Technology
    • Mercury Guard
    • Ethane Extraction Unit, producing Sales Gas, Gaseous Ethane and NGL
  • NGL Fractionation Facilities, to produce Gaseous Ethane and Sour Liquid C3+
  • Gaseous Ethane Cut Treatment for CO2 removal & Export the pure Ethane to Petrochemical Complex.
  • Natural Gas Compression to Export Pipeline
  • Sulfur Recovery Treatment of Sour Liquid C3+, producing liquid sulfur for further solidification and export.
  • Utilities, Offsites required for Ilam Gas Treatment Plant Operation
    The Offsite includes Tank Farm Storage Area to store C3+ (LPG) and C5+ (Condensate) Products of Ilam Gas Treating Plant.
    The capacity of Storage Tanks are is 4 x 970 m3 (Spherical) for C3+ and 2 x 28,050 m3 (Floating Roof) for C5+.
    Products will then be transferred to Ilam Petrochemical Co. by Pipeline.
  • Metering, Loading and Transfer Facilities are considered for transferring C3+ & C5+ products by Road Trucks, assuming that Petrochemical Complex Startup could not meet the Commissioning Period of Ilam Gas Treatment Plant.

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