Project Description

The 180 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant Project for South pars gas field development (Phases 6, 7 and 8) was held in Asaluyeh County, Bushehr Province by Hirbodan Company in 2010, recommended by Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) in the form of EPCC contract.

Scope of Services

  • 4×45 MW Siemens Gas Turbine (SGT-800)
  • Gas Pressure Reducing Station (GPRS)
  • Compressed Air Supply System
  • Fire Extinguishing System
  • Drainage System
  • Distributed Control System (DCS)

South Pars Gas Field – Phases 6, 7 & 8

Phases 6, 7 & 8 of the South Pars Gas Field located approximately 100km offshore in the Persian Gulf.

The development project for phases 6, 7 & 8 has been designed to produce 104 MMscm/d of gas from the reservoir.

The sour gas produced in these phases is transferred to Aghajari oil field in Khuzestan province via a 512 km pipeline to be injected into the oil wells to enhance the recovery coefficient of the field.

Read more: Aghajari Gas Injection Project.

Project Nature

The Power plant for these phases consisting of four units of 45 MW each at ISO condition on EPCC basis was designed and constructed by Hirbodan as EPCC contractor.

Project Units

Siemens Gas Turbine SGT-800

The SGT-800 is a single-shaft machine with 15 compressor stages. The first three stages have variable guide vanes. To minimize leakage over the blade tips, abradable seals are applied to stages four to fifteen. The overall design of the SGT-800 gas turbine ensures easy service access to the combustor and the burners.

SGT-800 Specifications are as follows:

  • Design: Industrial Design, Single Shaft With Modular Concept
  • Operating Mode: Continuous Base Load
  • Combustion Chamber: Dry Low Emission System
  • Generator Cooling / Protection Form: Direct Air Cooled By Filtered Air, Ic3 A1, Ip54 With Standard Duct /Filter Arrangement
  • Generating Voltage / Frequency: 11.0 KV. / 50 Hz
  • Nominal Output: 45 MW (at ISO & Natural Gas Fuel)
  • Pressure Ratio: 19:1 (at ISO & Natural Gas Fuel)
  • Nominal Efficiency: 37%
  • Nominal Exhaust Temp.: 537°C (at ISO & Natural Gas Fuel)
  • Turbine Inlet Temp.: 1,180°C
  • Burner Type: Single Fuel / Dual Fuel

Gas Pressure Reducing Station (GPRS)

GPRS system is capable to receive high pressure natural gas (P=89 barg and T=55°C) from 6″ fuel gas line and to reduce the pressure of gas to an appropriate pressure for burning in combustion chambers of power generation units.

The system is equipped with humidity of an external particles removal elements which assure the quality burning at GTGs.

Temperature of fuel gas is controlled and regenerated to keep a value of 20°C above the dew point of liquid hydrocarbons after pressure reducing process (which will approximately be 15°C). This critical situation could happen at start-up and so the proper Gas heaters (Indirect Fired Gas Heater) are located on the fuel gas line for this purpose with proper distance for safety reasons.

The fuel gas for heaters consumption will be supplied from package outlet line which is low pressure (approximately 27 – 30 bara) by means of a fuel gas line equipped with a control valve. By this means, the system elements will be protected from freezing caused by low temperature expended gas, as well.

Compressed Air System

Since the instrument and plant air is required at this plant, one central compressed and instrument air station is considered. Two 100% air compressors with air dryers for instrument and service air and storage tanks are provided which supply dry and oil free air with an approximately 4 to 9 barg pressure at 10 Nm3/hr flow rate.

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