Hirbodan is an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management Consulting firm, active in Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries.

Hirbodan has been founded in year 2000 by a group of people with adequate science and experience of project management, engineering and execution. During last years, hirbodan had experienced a very intensive period of activity regarding growth and progress, marked by the completion many projects comprising of all stages from design to commissioning in Iran and overseas.

Hirbodan employed more than 200 of well experienced and qualified professionals, with capability of providing over 400,000 engineering man-hours per year.

The first priority of hirbodan is to full fill all requirements and expectations of client’s meanwhile the profitability and competitiveness of company is guaranteed. From the other hand, tendency will be increased for hirbodan to be the Contractor of choice.

The company is having short and mid-term planning to enhance her capacities and explore the possibilities of being a pioneer in making the best use of world-class state-of-the-art technologies.

Having the rich Gas resources in our country, we are studying the projection of down-stream of Natural Gas technologies and our R&D section is well-directed toward materializing supreme goals in this area.