Hirbodan Company proudly declares that this company has been nominated as a qualified company in holding up and performing industrial projects in the realm of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plants.

EPC Qualifications Certificate

EPC Qualifications Certificate

Following an official certificate issued by the “Budget and Planning Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran”, Hirbodan Company was the first company in E&C concerned with “Oil & Gas” and “Power” at the same time, and could meet all the standard criteria and qualifications demanded by this organization.

This certificate is represented to the companies which can provide their customers with their services in a high level of quality and standards and enjoy a nationwide repute and letter of permission in establishing and operating industrial projects.

For more details about this certificate you could visit the Budget and Planning Organization Website.

Hence, seizing such reputable qualifications and level of honor reveal this fact that how reliable, practical and immense in business, ethic and professional principles, rich and state-of-the-art in technology and knowledge and powerful in various sections of project management the company will be and consequently the outcome of any project handled by this company will lead to high level of safety and standard both in final products and in respecting to humanity and environment as well.

As per this certificate, Hirbodan Company is known “Grade 1” both in “OIL & GAS Projects” which is a sub-division of oil and gas and petrochemical plants and “Power Projects” which is categorized as power production sub-division, at the same time.

The Hirbodan Company, stating his sincere gratitude to all colleagues and staff, remarks that seizing such a level of nobility and fame is achieved in the light of untiring collaboration and contribution of every single member of the company who has done their utmost throughout different parts of their duties and responsibilities and hope it can play its leading role in aforementioned industrial projects resulting to the development and promotion of our country, Iran.

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