Basic Policies

Safety and Health Policy

Hirbodan Corporation places the highest priority on maintaining the safety and good health of all the personnel participating in or affected by Hirbodan’s operations and preventing property losses as Hirbodan serves its clients, industry and the world community.

In the fulfillment of the aforementioned policies, Hirbodan, hereby, declares:

  • To deliver compliance with the HSE regulations, standards and procedures that are defined within the Contracts and the integral Conditions;
  • To seek, where appropriate, to apply higher standards in order to achieve parity with best practice developments within the industry.

Hirbodan will pursue these objectives and spirit of these policies through:

  • Visible and proactive management commitment.
  • Commitment, involvement and co-operation of all employees and subcontractors.
  • Effective training, motivation and communication programs.
  • Maintenance of realistic, measurable and progressive HSE targets and objectives.

To put these objectives and spirit of these policies into effect, Hirbodan shall be guided by the following corporate beliefs:

  • That success in the management of health, safety and environmental protection is a prime business objective that is equally as important as other prime business objectives.
  • That accidents, incidents, injuries and environmental disturbance are unacceptable and preventable.
  • That everyone shares the responsibility for their own health and safety, and the health and safety of their colleagues at work.
  • That health, safety and environmental protection are line management responsibilities.
  • That all necessary HSE arrangements must be in place, before launching a plan, and that plan shall be stopped if it fails to meet the requirements of HSE arrangements and is not compatible with such principles.


Quality Policy

It is Hirbdan’s purpose to, in realizing our Clients’ projects, fulfill our Clients’ needs in the most optimal way by fully applying our knowledge and experience and through incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

In order to achieve this purpose, we affirm the following quality policy.

  • We will deliver plants and services fully complying with agreed requirements as well as statutory and regulatory requirements, thus achieving our Clients’ satisfaction and confirming their trust in Hirbodan.
  • We will continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Environmental Policy

  • Hirbodan is committed to achieving environmental excellence in both its corporate operations and the services it renders its clients, as a reputable and professional engineering contractor. To meet this commitment, Hirbodan, hereby, establishes the following principles which shall be applied, throughout its operations.
  • We shall spare no endeavor to preserve the natural environment through preventing the spread of pollution and conserving the energy and natural resources.
  • We shall provide our clients with the latest technical solutions that conserve energy and
    natural resources and reduce pollution and other adverse environmental impacts.
  • We shall fully comply with both, environmental laws and regulations and
    the environmental requirements our clients are concerned with.
  • We shall do our utmost to reduce the production of waste through measures taken that emphasize reuse, recycling.
  • We shall apply the following specific principles to the execution of our EPC projects:
  • Design Phase:

We shall reduce the adverse environmental impacts of completed plants by minimizing a plant’s operating consumptions of energy and natural resources and minimizing its emissions of pollutants and its production of waste.

  • Procurement Phase: We shall give preference to vendors that adopt environmentally friendly manufacturing operations.
  • Construction Phase: We shall plan construction activities to minimize polluting emissions, adverse impacts on the surrounding environment, the consumption of energy and resources, and the production of waste, and s its consequences we shall ensure that our subcontractors adopt work practices consistent with this principle.
  • To ensure the thorough, consistent and effective implementation of this policy throughout its operations, Hirbodan shall establish, maintain and steadily improve a corporate Environmental Management System in conformance with ISO 14001.