The best start for entrepreneurs in the field of Energy and Artificial Intelligence

All human creations that the world has ever seen for itself, are the result of human desire to search for new and different things. In today’s world, there is no end to new ideas, but this key point must be taken into account that these creative thoughts and new ideas will be valuable when they can create Value Added. This is where innovation comes into play. With the passage of time and Pervasiveness of Entrepreneurship subject in recent decades, many businesses have been formed as startups. As far as hundreds of companies have been created by young, elite and hard-working graduates and have brought a lot of value creation and employment.
Nirovan Energy and Artificial Intelligence accelerator, in collaboration with Hirbodan Company, and with the aim of creating a proper platform for the growth of smart energy ideas. Nirovan, with the aim of completing the chain of ideas to commercialization, provides its unique services in the form of an acceleration program to startups in the field of smart energy. These services include seed money, coworking space, mentoring and team building. According to the brilliant history of Hirbodan complex in oil and gas and power plant projects, there is a comprehensive view of the solvable problems of the industry that these problems can be minimized with an intelligent approach and the use of Artificial Intelligence tools and the Internet of Things (IOT). Nirovan tries to introduce areas and problems with a suitable market to entrepreneurs, with this approach, Nirovan is trying to take a step towards creating and strengthening the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of energy.

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