Hirbodan has been awarded a project to construct water supply, Desalination and Transmission from Oman Sea to Hormozgan & Kerman Provinces.

The main purpose of the project is Supply, treatment & transmission of 2.8 m³/s of pure water from Oman sea to Kerman & Hormozgan Provinces, of which 0.5 & 0.7 m³ will be used for two new cities and the remaining 1.6 m³ will be delivered to Kerman city through a pipeline.

Contract Summary

Kerman Development Organization
Jahan Pars
Tehran-Boston Engineering co.
Barsan Management co.
Desalination and Water Transmission from Oman Sea to Hormozgan and Kerman Province.
Scope of Services:
Intake: 900,000 m3/day
Desalination Plant: 242,000 m3/day
Pipeline: 447 km with 1400mm diameter and 16mm thickness
Pump station: 16 Pump Station
Right of Way: 112 km
SCADA Control and Telecommunication System
From Oman Sea to Kerman Province

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